Ocean Studios, 2017 by Seb Franceschi - Manchester, Sheffield & Bristol‭ - +44 7496 53 77 11 hello@jamesstier.co.uk

Ocean Studios, 2017 by Seb Franceschi
Manchester, Sheffield & Bristol‭
+44 7496 53 77 11


My professional life is a balance of two roles. By day, a freelancer working on commercial, documentary and narrative projects. By night, I'm a documentary filmmaker at Ronin. We are currently in pre-production on my third feature, set in Japan, about the worlds most difficult martial arts course. 

I live to work, and relish being on set or in the field; I aspire to freelance on large scale TV and features that balance my own doc projects. I naturally gravitate towards direction, camera and lighting roles, but have a firm handle on post-production workflows, built on from my time at Apple.

Every project is a chance to learn. I get to meet the most brilliant and fascinating people from many walks of life, allowing me to develop as a storyteller, creative professional and adventurer.



I'm fortunate my work allows me to travel. I might be a dromomaniac - someone with an uncontrollable urge to wander. Friends call me a gypsie, perhaps nomad is a good compromise.

My work takes me to Sheffield, Manchester, Cornwall, London and Bristol on a regular basis, and once a month I visit Austria. I lived in Devon and Cornwall for many years working on my last doc; I'm still deeply connected to the Rame Peninsula through my work as a trustee for a local charity I helped begin.

Some highlights include my time as a local radio presenter, working for Apple, training as a comnat photographer, moonlighting as a sushi chef and I was once attacked by a Dalek.

My passions include analogue photography, Japanese culture, especially Aikido. I am still a member of the Shingitai Plymouth School of Aikido where I first began to learn the art form. The training helps me to get in touch with the way my body moves - usually different from what my mind expects! It is the most challenging art form I have ever practised and at the same time the most addictive.

I enjoy art, films, reading – non-fiction mainly apart from the odd Lee Child thriller or random graphic novel. Of course docs, podcasts, live music, climbing, cycling, coffee and cooking.

Some of my influences include Sophia Coppola, Michael Palin, Roger Deakins, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Douglas Adams, Robert Frank, Bill Murray, Ken Robinson, Louis Theroux, Nick Broomfield, Seth Godin, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andy Kaufman and my father.